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The Boulder Creek USA-Series: Pioneering the Dual-Port System

Boulder Creek Musical Instruments stands as a trailblazer in the realm of acoustic guitar and ukulele design, having been among the first to innovate and exclusively embrace the concept of a side-port system. But what led us to this innovative approach?

The Single-Port System

Within our acclaimed Boulder Creek Solitaire Series dreadnought line, we employ a single side-port design that projects like a cannon. This lateral sound port serves a dual-fold purpose: 

  • Firstly, it facilitates the unimpeded flow of air in and out of the guitar, enabling the top to resonate to its utmost potential and generate the full and rich sound that the audience hears. With the dreadnought’s hallmark “wide-waist” shape, coupled with its expansive top surface, this traditional guitar body design is uniquely suited to maximize the effect of the single side sound port configuration.


  • Secondly, beyond safeguarding the integrity of the soundboard’s prime resonance region, the side port yields a remarkable auditory advantage for the player. The side sound port directs the internally generated sound waves toward the musician, affording an unadulterated perception of the true sonic profile intended for the audience. This obviates the need for the performer to lean over the instrument to monitor its output-  our innovative side-soundport design brings the sound straight to the player’s ears.

The Dual-Port System

The non-dreadnought Boulder Creek Guitar  models, with a much tighter waistline and less square inches on the top, embrace the Dual-port system.

This design builds on the principal side port that is oriented towards the player, and supplements it with a secondary, smaller port located on the upper bass-side bout of the guitar’s front. This auxiliary port operates in tandem with the side port, balancing the airflow dynamics of the various body styles that deviate from the dreadnought norm. Given the comparatively less-resonant nature of the upper bass-side bout, the impact of the additional port on functional vibrational surface area is negligible, as this region contributes modestly to the overall top vibration. But the additional air flow in the upper bout area allows the guitar top to resonate to its maximum potential.

The combination of the Dual Port System along with our patented Suspended Bracing System™ (“SBS”) yields an exceptional auditory experience from Boulder Creek guitars. This collaboration engenders a robust, loud yet feedback-resistant sound that resonates harmoniously with both the player and the audience, attesting to our unwavering commitment to sonic innovation.

The Boulder Creek USA-Series features the Dual Sound Port System along with the “SBS” Suspended Bracing System to deliver the best in design, tone, feedback resistance and American-Made playability.

From Our Hands to Yours. 

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