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Boulder Creek USA-Series – Suspended Bracing System Top Assembly

Introducing the Boulder Creek USA-Series with Suspended Bracing System Top Assembly

Experience the unparalleled innovation of Boulder Creek’s exclusive Suspended Bracing System (SBS) as featured in the USA-Series. This revolutionary design liberates the guitar’s wooden top, granting it the freedom to resonate harmoniously, unfettered by conventional bracing constraints.

The SBS embodies Boulder Creek’s musical secret, a key contributor to the captivating tone and projection cherished by discerning professional musicians.

Drawing on meticulous research and hands-on expertise, Boulder Creek utilizes delicate wooden braces to “fine-tune the top,” optimizing bass resonance and tonal equilibrium. These wooden braces work in tandem with the SBS’s resilient aluminum rods which seamlessly shoulder the string tension while the artful balance of minimal wooden bracing empowers the guitar’s top for an unrestrained tonal response, ensuring vibrations flow unhindered.

While traditional acoustic guitars incorporate a sizable, circular soundhole atop the body, Boulder Creek breaks new ground. Our distinctive design boasts a finely tuned sound port nestled on the upper bout, maximizing the top’s surface area for unparalleled sound projection.

This ingenious porting technique gracefully welcomes air movement, preventing excessive dampening of tone by maintaining a delicate airflow balance. When harmonized with the side sound port, this dynamic airflow optimization results in the pinnacle of top resonance, setting a new standard for acoustic excellence.