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Boulder Creek USA-Series – Shaped Sides

The journey of the Boulder Creek USA-Series guitar is an exciting tale of combining innovative design with traditional craftsmanship to create an exceptional instrument for professionals.

Let’s begin with the guitar sides. Each pair of meticulously cut wood strips is skillfully hand-bent according to Boulder Creek’s exact specifications. 

Once these strips are coaxed into the optimal shape for outstanding acoustic tone and structural integrity, they will then placed into the “keeper” molds.

This next step is crucial because, despite the expert bending and shaping performed by our talented luthiers, wood naturally tends to spring back to its original flat form. The precisely shaped “keepers”  will play a vital role in maintaining the bent sides’ proper shape, preventing them from reverting to their original configuration.

In this particular instance, we have a set of solid maple sides that are ready to go into the Keeper, and destined to become a Boulder Creek OM (Orchestra Model) guitar.


Coming Next….

… the “keeper” form 

Boulder Creek USA-Series… hand-crafted innovation!

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