You are currently viewing Boulder Creek USA-Series & Our Proprietary “SBS” Top Braces

Boulder Creek USA-Series & Our Proprietary “SBS” Top Braces

Introducing the Boulder Creek USA-Series with its innovative and proprietary SBS Top Braces, designed to elevate your guitar-playing experience to new heights.

As musicians, we understand the crucial role of the guitar’s top, also known as the “Soundboard,” in shaping the instrument’s unique voice. While the back and sides provide structural support, it is the top that acts as the primary vibrating surface, generating and projecting the captivating sound to your audience. It’s the driving force behind the volume and tone that defines each guitar’s distinct sonic personality.

Balancing the need for top support with the desire for unhindered vibration has long been a challenge for traditional guitar builders. The Boulder Creek SBS (Suspended Bracing System) rises to this challenge, revolutionizing the art of sound projection and sustain.

The heart of this innovative solution lies in two aluminum alloy rods that bear the load of the string tension, effectively reducing the reliance on bulky wood braces for support and granting the top the freedom to resonate unrestricted. On the Boulder Creek USA-Series these aluminum rods are securely mounted on three hardwood braces that are strategically positioned at the upper bout, lower bout, and the bridge area, which transforms the bridge into the focal point for sound projection from the strings.

The Boulder Creek USA-Series not only implements this groundbreaking SBS technology but also incorporates shaped hardwood top-mounting braces to maximize the advantages of the system. As a result, your guitar boasts enhanced sustain, richer tones, and improved projection from its wooden top.

Our commitment to craftsmanship is evident throughout the production process. Each assembly, including the rod and brace components, undergoes meticulous hand-sanding on a flat sanding table, ensuring precision fit when mounted on the guitar’s top.

We are excited to introduce you to the SBS top assembly, where innovation and artistry converge to create an unparalleled musical experience. Stay tuned for more updates and witness how the Boulder Creek USA-Series redefines guitar performance.

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