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Boulder Creek USA-Series – Neck & Body Matched Sets

In the realm of guitar craftsmanship, precision and meticulous attention to detail are paramount. Boulder Creek’s USA-Series embodies this ethos, offering a level of dedication to perfection that sets it apart from conventional mass production practices.

Each Boulder Creek neck and body set is painstakingly constructed to achieve an unparalleled harmony between the two components, ensuring that they complement each other in both form and function. From the inception of the production process, we steadfastly adhere to the philosophy that each neck and body combination should be custom-fitted, destined to become a perfectly matched pair.

While every model of our guitars adheres to precise specifications, the inherent uniqueness of tonal wood dictates that these components are not universally interchangeable. Thus, each neck and body within our USA-Series is destined to be united only with its intended counterpart, resulting in the optimal resonance and tonal quality that define our instruments.

Allow us to showcase two sets of body and neck blanks, inextricably bound to one another in their destiny as Boulder Creek USA-Series Guitars.

To uphold the standard of precision we hold dear, our necks and bodies undergo a rigorous pre-fitting process at the white-wood stage. This meticulous fitting is further refined prior to the application of finishes. The pinnacle of alignment is achieved during the final assembly and setup phase.

Presented here are two sets, each featuring an unfinished neck that has been pre-fitted to its corresponding body. To ensure an impeccable fit, a spacer is thoughtfully placed at the bridge area of the body, serving as a guiding hand in attaining the perfect height alignment. This critical fitting process occurs before the fingerboard is affixed to the neck, guaranteeing absolute precision and the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Following the completion of the neck fitting, our instruments embark on a journey towards perfection. The neck receives its fingerboard, followed by meticulous contouring and shaping. These final touches bestow upon our guitars the sleek neck profile and exceptional playability that Boulder Creek Guitars are renowned for.

In our pursuit of excellence, we invite you to experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Boulder Creek’s USA-Series, where the fusion of artistry and precision culminate in instruments that are a testament to our passion for the art of guitar making.