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The Boulder Creek Dual Port System

Boulder Creek USA-Series Guitar

What does it take to build a Boulder Creek USA-Series Model guitar?

Inside of a Boulder Creek guitar

We use time-tested methods pioneered by the great luthiers over the centuries, combined with modern neck-joints along with our exclusive SBS top bracing system, top-quality materials and state-of-the-art finishes. Handcrafted & made-in-the-USA, the Boulder Creek USA Series is the ultimate in Boulder Creek acoustic guitars and basses.

The lightweight aluminum SBS bracing lets the top sing and support amazing sustain, projection and tone. Very light wooden top braces allow us to fine tune each guitar top, while the aluminum support rods manage and control the brute force of the strings, allowing the top to be free to resonate in ways never before imagined.

The signature Boulder Creek side soundport allows the guitar the necessary internal air movement, while projecting additional sound directly toward the player and maximizing every inch of the top for tone and projection. A small round soundport on the top of the guitar about fine tunes the ported airflow and sound dynamics of the acoustic guitar.

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