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Boulder Creek USA-Series (Got Back?)

Introducing the Boulder Creek USA-Series – Experience the Best of Precision Craftsmanship!

We are thrilled to present the latest update on the Boulder Creek USA-Series guitar – in this, the “After the Keeper” phase.  Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the side & back assembly has until now been securely held in place by the Keeper, allowing the glue joint to set up flawlessly. As a result, the assembly is ready to progress to the next steps.

With the back securely and perfectly mated to the sides, the assembly can be detached from the keeper mold, ensuring the glue joints maintain the ideal shape without any unwanted “spring back” in the sides.

In the photo below, our skilled artisans have expertly trimmed the back to be flush with the sides, meticulously following the body contour for a seamless and visually striking appearance that highlights the soft cutaway.

Inside, the guitar reveals its impressive internal design, featuring precisely mounted neck block and tail block that further elevates its structural integrity.

The artistry continues with the strategically placed wooden back braces, finely shaped to enhance the guitar’s resonance and tonal qualities.

Noteworthy is the slotted kerfing, carefully following the guitar’s outline, providing a robust glue surface to seamlessly unite the back and sides.


Stay tuned for the unveiling of the much-anticipated “Magic Sauce” – the renowned Boulder Creek SBS Top Braces –  “Setting new standards for acoustic excellence”.

Embrace the harmonious blend of craftsmanship and innovation with the Boulder Creek USA-Series and Elevate your musical journey today!

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